About Us

Taste of Asia as its name implies combine the unique delicacies of varied Asian cultures including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai. Here you will find a unique blend specially designed by the original founder of Derek Kan and Jennifer Kan. Today, "Taste of Asia" has three conveniently located stores in the Fort Worth area.

Taste of Asia Beach Street Market
Manager: Jennifer Kan
Tel: 817-503-1818
Email: jenniferkan@tasteofasia.biz

Taste of Asia Albertson Market
Manager: Raymond Wong
Tel: 817-246-4802
Email: raymondwong@tasteofasia.biz

Taste of Asia Bryant Irvin Road
Manager: Henry Chao
Tel: 817-732-8688
Email: henrychao@tasteofasia.biz

Taste of Asia John Jones Dr.
Manager: Raymond Wong
Tel: 817-426-2239
Email: raymondwong@tasteofasia.biz